• Beth Karas, Broadcast Journalist

    Steph Waszak rocks! She’s the consummate professional--creative, consistent, punctual, and polite.  I have recommended her to others and will continue to do so.

  • Lourdes Hubard, Totus Lingua

    Steph is awesome to work with! She was able to get the look and feel of our website down on the first try, is always quick to respond to emails/texts, and always has great solutions to any task we put in front of her.

  • Francois Thibaut, The Language Workshop for Children

    Stephanie has been working with me for many years. She is always up to date on current trends in not only web design/development but also advertising and print marketing. We took Steph on as a part-time replacement for our old webmaster and she has since taken on all of the design and technical duties in our company from creating websites, brochures, and social media to helping with day-to-day business decisions. No matter what we throw her way, she is always able to come up with a solution. If it is something she has not done before, she will learn it quickly and provide excellent results every single time. We could not have asked for a better employee!

  • Tara Van Slyck, Beauty Addict Magazine

    I hired Stephanie in 2005 as the chief designer for a new website, and over the next 18 months, she was an absolute dream to work with. The launch and subsequent releases were very demanding, both in terms of design and technical requirements, and we relied heavily on her talent, expertise, and hard work to make them happen. In addition to her design abilities, Stephanie has strong problem-solving skills and the ability to prioritize tasks effectively. She is also extremely patient in explaining various aspects of technology to non-technologists. I was thrilled with the job she did for us and would recommend her very highly.

  • Marina Lemaitre, SWC Enrichment Center

    Steph has been with me from the conception of SWC Enrichment Center through today. She has always had great ideas, gets projects done quickly, and has the businesses best interest in mind. Starting the business, I knew that the most important thing was to have a great web presence with outstanding design and a fresh outlook. Steph has brought that and more to the table (she even designed our marquee sign for our Long Island location). I would highly recommend her if you are looking for someone!

  • Jacob DelHagen, Techistry Media

    Stephanie is by far one of the best people I have worked with. She is able to interface with multiple staff , coordinate many projects and just over all great to work with in what is an extremely challenging environment for technology staff.

  • Kate Conroy, Conroy Media, Inc

    Steph knocked our socks off. On the first pass she got the exact look and feel of the company. She had quick solutions and smart approaches to all the challenges of an entire site migration. She made it seemless and I continue to recommend her.

  • Richard Reeve, Catskill Art Society

    Stephanie brings clarity to the tasks she undertakes and produces accurate work in a surprisingly timely manner.

  • Catherine Kaputa, SelfBrand, LLC

    Steph is great to work with: good website design skills, easy to work with, turns work around quickly, solves problems, reliable and accurate. She cares. What’s not to like?